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About hive

Due to an increased emphasis on school accountability in recent years, data on student achievement have taken an enhanced role in educational systems throughout the country. Yet this sort of data presents unique and persistent challenges to those who would seek to use it. For one, it is almost always compiled over extensive periods of time and may be analyzed according to various dimensions, including gender, socio-economic status, race, and ethnicity. This level of complexity makes it difficult to communicate relative findings about student achievement over time.

In an effort to make this data usable and available to a wider audience, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) in collaboration with Enspire Learning has developed hive, an online community that allows users to access standardized tests results over time and compare data between demographic groups. hive helps users identify important trends in student data by allowing them to create, share, and discuss the data through five types of data visualizations, each with its own distinct features. These visualization types include:

  • Scatter Plot
  • Scatter Plot over Time
  • Scatter Bar Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Bubble Chart

Users will be able to customize their visualizations by choosing their populations, tests, and the demographic traits they want selected (to filter) or brushed (to highlight) in the data. Additionally, hive allows any member of the site to post comments on visualizations, and therefore, initiate dialogue around the data represented on the graphs. With hive, all stakeholders in primary and secondary education now have the power and ease to use student achievement data to inform their instructional strategies and decision making.

About Arkansas Department of Education

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) strives to ensure that all children in the state have access to a quality education by providing educators, administrators, and staff with leadership, resources, and training. Student test scores at school and district levels are available through hive as part of the ADE web resources at

About Enspire Learning

Enspire Learning's mission is to create exceptional educational experiences for learners around the world. Our work inspires and motivates, leading learners to retain, internalize, and apply knowledge more effectively.

At Enspire, we believe that new technology has created an opportunity to re-envision learning of all kinds, whether it's delivered through media or in a classroom. We're excited to be part of that transformation.